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Can't hold down a Job
We spend our lives protecting what matters most to us.  We fasten our seat belts and lock our car doors.  We insure our homes and diversify our investments.  Our kids are home before dark, and our teens never leave without their smartphones.  We are safe.  And therein lies the problem.  We've become prisoners in our own palaces.  We've become slaves to our security.  We've forfeited our freedom in the name of self-preservation.  Then comes the sad realization: When we are no longer in danger, we are no longer dangerous.  We pose no threat to the evil in the world.  We take few risks to promote goodness and pursue justice.  Instead of playing to win, we play not to lose.   But what would happen if these things were stripped away?  How would the experience of loss challenge the way we live?  Thankfully we don't have to speculate.  There was once a man named Job who was rich, happy, and safe.  But then he lost everything: his wealth, his health, his friends, his family, and even his sanity.  But God saved him.  God changed him.  And Job came back stronger and more dangerous than ever.  Join us Sundays at 10 AM for our winter sermon series on this man's ancient manuscript found in the Old Testament, and together we'll see that even the devil himself CAN'T HOLD DOWN A JOB.  There's none more dangerous than the man with nothing left to lose.
Sunday's Message - 2/25/2018
A Clear and Present Danger
Series:Can't Hold Down a Job Subject: Mental and Emotional Suffering
Passage: Job 3

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